Speaking session at OWASP NYC Chapter

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I’ll speak at the OWASP NYC Chapter at Bank of New York Mellon this Thursday, check the link for getting on the waiting list (at the time of writing, the meeting is fully booked). I’ll speak about hardware hacks (not lock picking, but rather how to use hardware to attack software), and present my tool Inception… Read more »

Cloud Storage Vault

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I’ve been mentoring a Master’s Thesis at NTNU this spring, and my students have developed an Android app for secure cloud storage and file sharing. Quite cool, this video explains how it works. Great work, guys! The idea is to be able to share information that is encrypted with your own encryption key, as opposed… Read more »

Speaking session at Passwords^11 June 8

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I’m delighted to be invited/having imposed myself to speak at the Passwords^11 conference in Bergen, Norway next week! I’ll be speaking on June 8 0915 about my master’s thesis and demonstrate how to crack whole-disk encryption on laptops using the coldboot attack. Maybe I’ll throw in some other hardware-based attacks as well. Abstract is on… Read more »

Bin Laden’s hard drives

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Several sources reported that the commando team that killed Bin Laden made a perhaps equally important discovery in the Abbottabad recidence: Data. Disks, hard drives and computers were seized as a part of the operation, and even though the compound did not have a (wired?) Internet connection or phone lines, the data on these media… Read more »

Lost your iPhone? Change your passwords!

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Researchers at the Fraunhofer institute has done some interesting research on physical access attacks on iPhones and iPads. Turns out, if you have physical access to a turned off and locked iOS device, the process of getting all passwords on the phone boils down to three simple steps: Jailbreak it, thus getting SSH access Copy… Read more »