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  1. nima

    Hi, (this comment about firewire port and direct access to patch memory section for bypass authentication)
    I really don’t know … what do you like to be … and we are in 2013 , and everything changed people like you (maybe) , wants to be cyber hero in reddit , twitter , … who believe hacktivism these days ?! cDc , THC , … your tool now published in public That For last 10 years used by law enforcement , Forensics investigator and spy agents to put rats on target systems . It’s good to talk about history behind the tricks , and if you don’t scare to publish something like this , that’s not bad talk about who used these tricks before . and before publish something like this Do you ever think to yourself !?! that’s possible how many Relation will be destroy by your tool ?!I hope you will be responsible … everyday tons of security vuln and poc published , and for past 8 years I never ask anyone why ?! in the end , happy new year , and I hope find the time think to yourself about many things . take care ,


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