I keep tinkering with small tools that can make a pentester’s life easier:

Inception – (the tool formerly known as FTWAutopwn) – A tool that can unlock locked Windows, Ubuntu and OS X machines by using the IEEE 1394 FireWire trick first showcased by the (now obsolete) winlockpwn tool. The tool utilizes the libforensic1394 library by Freddie Witherden.

Interrogate – A tool originally developed as a part of my Master’s Thesis to search for AES, Serpent and Twofish encryption keys in physical memory dumps.

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  1. mike

    Found this awesome site thanks to twit.tv’s SecurityNow show with Steve Gibson!

  2. Johannes Hunn

    Hi there,
    thanks for your great tool named inception!

    I had some problems with it.
    I have a windows 7 SP1 machine and a kali-linux with inception-tool as attacker.

    You said that it’s enough to disable the SBP-2 Protocol. But i was able to dump the memory.. Only if i disable complete firewire via GPO it isn’t possible any more.

    Do you know this Problem?
    So to deactivate the SPB-2 Protocol isn’t the right solution?!

    Thanks for reading my message!
    I’m happy to here from you.


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