My name is Carsten Maartmann-Moe, and I’m a Norwegian white hat hacker & security consultant. In other words; I legally break and enter into digital places for organizations that are willing to pay me for it. I currently work for a large professional services firm in New York City.

I’ve been working with security since 2008, and find the field challenging and interesting; as others hopefully do as well I decided to blog about it. My hope is that someone can make use of the stuff that I post here.

This is my blog about anything really, but given my line of work I suspect it will be filled with security and IT stuff. Since security is such a wide and fluid theme, I’ll probably throw in some other random subjects too… I hope you enjoy it, please leave a comment if you do!


The content on this blog is in no way the opinions of my former, current and future employee, or anyone else besides my self for that matter. Please don’t be stupid and break the law; it’s there for a reason.