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Even though the official release date is not until March 1st, I upgraded BackTrack 5 to R2 today following this excellent guide.

But after the full upgrade I found that VMware Workstation was not working. Ah, the fun of being an early adopter. Time to patch and recompile the sourcesĀ  (thanks to Weltall for providing the patch).

Open a terminal, and enter the following commands:

cd /tmp
tar vxzf vmware802fixlinux320.tar.gz

Voila. You should now be able to start VMware Workstation. Now update VMware tools in your VMware virtual machines, and you should be ready to go. Happy hacking!

8 Responses to “Fix VMware Workstation 8.0.2 on BackTrack 5 R2”

  1. damian

    will this address an issue with vmware tools installed on backtrack 5 r2 (virtual environment) or fix an issue with vmware workstion installed on backtrack 5 r2 as the host machine?

    I just upgraded my vmware workstation to 8.0.2 on my host and I am having issues upgrading the vmware tools in my backtrack 5 r2 kde x64 virtual environment.


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