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A couple of weeks ago I started using the CloudFlare service for Break & Enter, and I’m thrilled about the result. Reduced latency, protection from spammers and bots and my own, shared, cloud-based CDN are just some of the benefits. Highly recommended!

My only hiccup with  CloudFlare so far is its inability to serve the WPTouch mobile theme to iPhones and other mobile devices. Not sure who to blame, anyone else had the same problem?

3 Responses to “WPTouch does not work with Cloudflare on WordPress”

  1. Paul Salmon

    I use CloudFlare and am also experiencing the problem with WPTouch. I just noticed it today so I really haven’t figured out a solution, but am wondering if you have one?

  2. Gita

    I’m using Cloudflare and thinking to use WPTouch. If the problem still exist, so is there any option for mobile website while still using Cloudflare ?


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