winlockpwn on Ubuntu

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Update: I’ve released a tool at github called Inception, which uses libforensic1394 to unlock Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 boxes. IMNSHO, it is much more stable than winlockpwn, easier to use and works against a wider spectrum of target operating systems. Quite regularly I’m being asked to demonstrate the FireWire attack made by MetlStorm aka… Read more »

WPTouch does not work with Cloudflare on WordPress

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A couple of weeks ago I started using the CloudFlare service for Break & Enter, and I’m thrilled about the result. Reduced latency, protection from spammers and bots and my own, shared, cloud-based CDN are just some of the benefits. Highly recommended! My only hiccup with  CloudFlare so far is its inability to serve the… Read more »

Speaking session at Passwords^11 June 8

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I’m delighted to be invited/having imposed myself to speak at the Passwords^11 conference in Bergen, Norway next week! I’ll be speaking on June 8 0915 about my master’s thesis and demonstrate how to crack whole-disk encryption on laptops using the coldboot attack. Maybe I’ll throw in some other hardware-based attacks as well. Abstract is on… Read more »

How to remember your passwords & achieve your goals

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Password prompt

How many times a day do you have to type in your passwords? It’s a pesky business remembering all of them, and even though there’s many different types of software that can keep track of passwords, you still have to type them in places where the software doesn’t work, like at your laptop log on… Read more »

Speaking session at AFSecurity 20 May

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I’m speaking about endpoint security and mobility in the upcoming AFSecurity seminar at the University of Oslo 20 May, and I can promise some juicy demonstrations. From the site: Academic Forum on Security is a collaborative meeting place in the Oslo area with focus on current issues and research questions related to information security. AFSecurity… Read more »

Bin Laden’s hard drives

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Several sources reported that the commando team that killed Bin Laden made a perhaps equally important discovery in the Abbottabad recidence: Data. Disks, hard drives and computers were seized as a part of the operation, and even though the compound did not have a (wired?) Internet connection or phone lines, the data on these media… Read more »