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Update: Aftenposten now publishes all documents that are used to write related news articles in a RSS feed here:

The Norwegian newspaper “Aftenposten” claims, according to several sources [Norwegian, in english here] that it has access to all the Wikileaks cables. This would effectively mean that the carefully planned drips of information to selected newspapers that Wikileaks is known for has, well, sprung a leak (pun intended).

Aftenposten news editor Ole Erik Almlid, who doesn’t want to give up the source of the leak, are quoted saying:

“We’re free to do what we want with these documents. We’re free to publish the documents or not publish the documents, we can publish on the internet or on paper. We are handling these documents just like all other journalistic material to which we have gained access.”

WikiLeaks has only published 1,862 cables so far out of a total of 251,287, but Aftenposten claims to have access to the whole lot. The newspaper refuse to divulge its sources, so its still unclear whether the leak of the leak has come from any of Wikileaks media partners (The Guardian, El Pais, New York Times and Der Spiegel) or Wikileaks itself.

Wikileaks are known for carefully staging the releases of information, claiming to both protect its sources and prevent the loss of human lifes as a consequence of the leak.  The fact that they have routinely published cables (mostly regarding Norwegian-American relations) during the last week seem to suppport this claim.

While the legitimity of this leak is still unclear, a single newspaper with full access can publish articles articles at their own will and according to their own ethical guidelines, free from the Wikileaks schedule. This may have consequences for Wikileaks partners and Wikileaks itself, and may create a rush to publish the rest of the cables.

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