Bobby Tables strikes again

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The results of the Swedish elections has been published online, and seems that Bobby Tables has migrated to Sweden… Kind of reminds me of this story. And this picture of a mini SQL injection:

Major bug in millions of ASP.Net webapplications

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Microsoft has confirmed that millions ow ASP.Net web applications are vulerable to attacks that could potentionally let the attacker decrypt data and read arbitary files on the remote web server. The vulnerability dubbed “oracle padding” is in the .Net framework, details here, tool (POET) here.  Microsoft will have to patch every supported version of Windows,… Read more »

The case for open information security

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RSnake has a nice writeup on the effect of snake oil security. When discussing two hypothetical banks where one of them are running snake oil security, he writes: This goes back to the bear in the woods analogy that I personally hate. The story goes that you don’t have to run faster than the bear,… Read more »

Haystack snake oil

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The touted anti-censorship software Haystack that were supposed to keep Iranians safe from their government seems to have been brewed on purified snake oil: Several researchers has the last couple of days teared the security in the Haystack software apart, and from the looks of it, it wasn’t a challenge at all.

MacTeX and TextMate

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I tried installing LaTeX using the MacTex distribution, but had trouble using it with the excellent text editor TextMate, it simply could not find pdflatex or any of the other binaries needed to compile my paper. The error message I got was simply pdflatex not found After some fumbling I was able to specify the… Read more »